Crown Reduction – Crown reduction work is usually carried out to reduce the overall size or density of the crown of a tree. Whether your tree requires a radial crown reduction or selective branch pruning to balance and maintain a tree is something that we can advise upon a free of charge quotation. Our crown reduction works could be a solution to a number of concerns such as – Unreasonable shade, poor overall aesthetic shape, reducing end branch weight on limbs which may have present defects or general remedial/maintenance works.

Crown Lifting – Crown lifting works is usually carried out to achieve clearance from adjacent buildings or street furniture. By removal of selected secondary branches, we are able to allow clearance between branches interfering or making contact with such adjacent targets.

Crown Cleaning/Dead wood removal – We carry out Crown cleaning works as part of a general maintenance requirement. By removal of dead/diseased or crossing branches we are able to achieve a well-balanced tree for future years to come.

Hedge/Shrub Management – Easton Tree Services are trusted expert’s when it comes to the management of Hedges and shrubs. From initial planting to regular trimming or large overgrown restoration works we cater for all types of management requirements.

Formative Pruning – Formative pruning is essential for young trees as it contributes to the long-term branch structure and future of a tree. By removal of weak or crossing branches we are able to carry out professional formative pruning.

Sectional Dismantling/Felling – Factors such as pests and diseases can over time cause a tree to become structurally un-safe or can cause a tree to die. Sometimes the wrong species of tree is planted or self-set in a poor location and may require removal. Whether you require a large tree in a tight location to be sectionally dismantled in a controlled manor, or if you require a tree to be straight felled into an open space, Easton Tree Services are fully qualified and trained to ensure you get a smooth job from start to finish.

Pollarding – Pollarding is an ancient pruning method for certain species of trees, where all secondary branches are removed leaving the main existing scaffold branch structure of a tree. Commonly spotted in Towns and cities on street trees, pollarding can be a great way to retain the size of a tree.

Coppicing – Coppicing is an ancient pruning method for certain species of trees. Typically, this is a practise used in ancient woodlands to manage re-growth. A tree is pruned back down to just above ground level to enable straight re-growth which could even be used to weave fences.

Tree Inspections – We are competent to carry out visual, aerial or ground based inspections to the best of our knowledge and can advise any recommended remedial works to follow up with.

Brace Installation – A Cobra-brace system is something that we install within the crown of a tree to brace suspected weak scaffold limbs and reduce the likelihood of limb failure.

Stump Removal/Treatment – Easton Tree Services cater for all types of Stump grinding/removal and can also treat stumps by applying specialist chemicals in order to prevent any re-growth from a stump.

Planting – Choosing the right species for its location is very important. Easton Tree Services can advise you on the correct selection and planting of selected Trees and shrubs. Whether you require a replacement tree to be planted in respect of a previously lost/removed tree or if you require a new hedge to be planted, we are experts in tree and shrub planting schemes.

Local Authority/Council Applications – We can carry out all relevant checks on any proposed trees and can submit any local authority/council application forms on your behalf.